Cho kyuhyun forever

Hey everyone ! a very good morning to all =) Nice to meet you again 
Hoho , Well Now i got a fever ! HAHA , fever of kyuhyun ! HAHA , I keep my background his picture , i keep my wallpaper of his picture also so i keep my ringtone of SUJU also <3 HAHA , thats mean I got fever of Kyuhyun i think so 

HAHA , this picture that i keep in my phone

 i like this picture cause of he hairstyle ! Damnn ! can you lend you're hair for me cho ?HAHA 

Aww , I like your smile ! HAHA , <3 

Did you steal pua chu kang shoes ? HAHA , 

HAHA , awwwww with ryeowook ! objection !! ryeowook not that old girl okay ! HAHA , but beside old girl <3 

kyuhyun forever , ever , ever & ever ! HAHA 

awww <3 both cute meyh ! HAHA , babyface