Sarah Zulaikha

Hello everyone ! Assalamualaikum W.B.T to all reader and peace upon to you =) Heyhey ! See you again meyh ! So this morning 4/2/2011 i wanna story about someone thats new to my life =) Yes she is 

she's so awesome , perfect and gorgeos to me . I'd like to friends with her . I know her from my cousin . Yeahhh , She look's like HOTSTUFF right ? HAHA , Just admit it =) It's the true la babe =)

Nice to meet you Girl =) I hope we can be a true friends <3 however you got more boy friends than girl friends I hope we can be a true friends =) You look so cute la dear at you're picture above ;) look so gorgie so of cause many boys like you 

So that's all dude  ! If got time i tell you more about my new friends , my life , and what so ever la =) Byebye