i miss her so much ! damnn so much !

Nurin i think so she's name , HAHA ! I really kinda busy since I form 1 , I'm busy with my hw and my work to do =( Errr -.- I'm so sorry dear , I never think about you ! I always forget about that you try to love me , to miss me Err -.- I'm so sorry sayang =( 

I know this all my fault =( I promise I won't leave you anymore <3 I miss you so much ! damn so much ! I never thought my atittude to you so cruel =/ Please forgive me baby , after this Gimee one more chance to take and keep you're heart through my heart ! I will take a good care of it <3 But promise to me don't do this to me Huney ! Give la any punishment to me , I will do it for you =( Forgive me Dear